2014 Interclub Competition

The next SACA interclub comp begins on Tues 29-April and runs for nine rounds, finishing on Tues 24-June.

We are considering entering a team in A-Grade (first time for LeFevre) as well as a B-Grade team.  At this stage we have three players for the A-Grade team: Michael Courtney, Craig Faul, and Nurulla Azamov.  We still need a fourth player for this team, and we need to work out who wants to play in the B-Grade team.  As in past seasons it’s possible for an individual to play less frequently than every week – as long as we have enough players to shuffle and fill four seats each Tuesday.  However, if you’re thinking of trying out for one of the board prizes, you’ll want to play every week, and on the same board in each round.

If you’d like to be involved in either team, please let Tim know for planning purposes.